Friday March 6th, 2015 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Kris Halliday (Lieutenant)
Coordinator: Doorways Perth Community Programs, 
Assistant Corps Officer 
Perth Fortress Corps

Kris  first felt the call to Salvation Army Officership (Ordained Ministry) as a child, long before he knew what The Salvation Army was. He first felt he was ‘different’ as a child, long before he knew what being gay was. 

Through adolescence those two discoveries would intertwine and ultimately collide.

Lieutenant Kris Halliday is a now an open, honest, gay Salvation Army Officer in the inner city of Perth, ordained and commissioned after a 15 year journey that began back in the dark ages (the late 1990′s!) when things weren’t quite as open or easy for gay people as we would have liked.

As a recently out teen, active Church engagement led to being told that “someone like you” would “never ever” be a Salvation Army Officer. The rejection, isolation and hurt experienced from the Church was replaced by acceptance, inclusion and joy outside of it

Later, having found freedom and a sense of whole self away from a faith community, he was called back, in a most clear way.

Discovering a sense of belonging, acceptance and purpose back in the Army he also rediscovered the calling and with it great fear. What would it mean? Would he have to live life single, lonely? Would there be more rejection this time around or into the future? Could an out gay person with a long-held calling to Salvation Army Officership really fulfil that calling in an increasingly conservative movement?

After a long journey in which he discovered himself (and some awesome parties), developed life changing friendships, felt the clear call of God, immersed himself in lay-leadership and urban mission, Kris, after a few last minute speed-bumps, found himself – finally, in a never-forget moment – accepted and Ordained, at exactly the same time as the gay community (and many in the wider community) began to turn on The Salvation Army for its views on homosexuality.

He looks forward to sharing tales from those years, from initial rejection in the late 1990’s through to Commissioning in 2011 with the associated internal conflict, theological wrestling, labels, Scriptural searching, fear, confusion as well as his attempts to make sense of Salvation Army teaching and commentary, with almost no precedent to fall back on.

He lives with 2 friends, a dog named Rupunzel and his foster child.

When he’s not preaching, leading worship, overseeing inner city community support and development programs, sitting on NGO boards, following local politics or studying at Uni you will find him attempting to keep fit at Beatty Park.


If you’ve been wondering where the Salvation Army is really at. in relation to GLBTIQ issues, since the unfortunate Radio interview on Joy FM (Melbourne) 3 years ago, this is a not to be missed opportunity to find out the truth for yourself.f2b Perth sq1-16

See you there.


For further information please contact Graham via eMail: perth@freedom2b.org
or call Graham on: 0405 285 233 or Bev on: 0407 778 201.

For further updates join us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Freedom2bPerth

Remember to invite friends and family who you think would benefit from this discussion.


We will go to “U&I 24hr Pho restaurant” for Coffee and chat after the film. U&I is located on the corner of Francis and William St in Northbridge. Even if you can’t make the meeting itself please feel free to join us for coffee.

The Northbridge Piazza community Centre is located on the Corner of James and Lake Streets Northbridge, underneath and behind the Giant screen in the Piazza.



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Friday March 6th, 2015 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

imageOur next Sydney meeting will be a Special Freedom2b Dinner the evening before we march in the 2015 Sydney Mardi Gras. It will be a time for all local, interstate and overseas Freedom2b’ers along with family and friends to come together and celebrate the message we are about to send.

We will also feature a talk from special guest speaker freedom2b National President Michelle Kolev.

Michelle lives in Melbourne with her partner Linda of over 10 years. Having come from a fundamental pentecostal church, Michelle now works as an early childhood educator as well as leading freedom2b for the last three years.

Where: Redfern Oval Community Room, Redfern Park (Chalmers Street side, above the café next to the grandstand)

Click MAP for a map to the location: MAP

Who can come?
* ALL Freedom2b Parade participants who have registered to march (Essential as this is when you receive T-shirts and instructions for marching in parade the following day.)
* Freedom2b regulars and others in town for MG
* Guests who are interested in knowing more about Freedom2b

What do I bring?
* Nothing, The night has been catered for.

How much will it cost?
* There is a small cost of $10 per person. This covers catering and venue hire.

When: Friday 6th March 2015


7.00pm – People start arriving and dinner is served.
8:30pm – Michelle’s talk, Mardi Gras breifing, Mardi Gras marching packs collection
9:30pm – Socialising
10:30pm – Close

Is it too late for me to register to join the parade group?

Registrations are now closed. However we may still have some spots available. Please email events@freedom2b.org to enquire.

For further queries please email events@freedom2b.org or phone Shane on 0413 374 650

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Saturday March 7th, 2015 3:00 PM


However there may still be some spots available. Please email events@freedom2b.org to enquire.

Geometric rainbow background









If you have ever marched with freedom2b in Mardi Gras, you will know how much fun the night is. If you haven’t, it’s an experience you will never forget.

In 2015, freedom2b will be marching for the eighth time in the Sydney Mardi Gras, the worlds most renowned LGBTI pride event. We invite you to join us for a night of celebration.

If you are planning to join us from overseas, here is a general idea of what the weekend will look like.

Friday March 6th 2015 – 7pm

Special freedom2b dinner. Taking place the night before Mardi Gras, we will be having a BBQ where you can meet others who will be marching with you in our group as well as pick up your marching pack, which contains your group t-shirt and all the essential information you will need on the day.

Saturday March 7th 2015  

(Times to be confirmed closer to the day)

3pm (approx) – Freedom2b Mardi Gras 2015 attendees will assemble at a meeting point and prepare to move into the parade marshaling area.

3.30pm (approx) – Freedom2b Mardi Gras 2015 attendees leave the meeting point and move into the parade marshaling area.

8pm – Mardi Gras Parade begins.

To view photos of our entries from previous years, please use the links below.

Photos of 2009

Photos of 2010

Photos of 2011

Photos of 2012

Photos of 2013

For more information, please email events@freedom2b.org or call Shane on 0413 374 650

Posted by Shane Cathcart on February 22, 2015